May Goals


May is off to a glorious start. The rain is falling, flowers are blooming. It’s so pretty over here in the PNW.

I’ve been working on this post since the beginning of May if you couldn’t tell already.

Life just kind of gets ahead of me, where I try to do a billion things at one time and it doesn’t always end up working out the way you expect. I don’t even think (with good reason) I have many readers for this blog so my motivation to do time lapses, maintain youtube, maintain patreon has been at an all time low.

I’m going to do a bit of an art dump this time and see where I will end up in a day or two. Thank you everyone!

Art Block

Lately, I’ve been frustrated with a lot of little thing, that shouldn’t really be a huge deal, but I’m one of those people that really stress themselves out over “no big deals”. When someone says “don’t worry about it”, it is more annoying than anything, because I KNOW I shouldn’t worry about it, but I do. It’s in my nature. So you telling me that, only makes me angrier with you.

Anyways, Last week I was fated with the news that I didn’t get the concept art position that I really wanted. Which is fine, I understand that some things you don’t achieve and in all honesty, I would have been white as rain. Sometimes, introverts like me just need a few to get over it. Or wrap us up burrito style in a blanket and call it good. I don’t need pity, and I don’t need pep talks, really, introverts don’t need ‘cheering up’ as much as you think we do.

Along with the rejection notice, I seem to have been going through a period of art blocks. I keep wanting to try new things to get over it, and I’m very accustom to pushing through these times, but right now, more than ever, I really want to make it as an artist. Some say I’ve already made it, I say that is yet to be determined.

I’ve done some new pieces, but I think what I really want to do is start blogging about EVERYTHING that I do. I don’t just draw all the time, a lot of the times I sew my own garments, and I kind of miss blogging about that.

Recently, I purchased some water soluble oil paints, I know, strange. This is my first test run.

Not too bad, definitely need some more practice though. Drawing and painting more Macabre scenes really puts me in a happy place.

Here are some new doodles that I’ve done since my last posting. I really want to start doing this daily, so I know it’ll take some time to get up to that point.

I have some ideas to help me get out of this slump I’m in, so stay tuned 🙂 Cheers!

March Has Been Busy

All month I’ve been preparing my portfolio for a concept art position that I was very much interested in. So it’s been a mad dash to hone my skills enough to get that done! Lately, I’ve been in a new mind set or having a professional art job in a professional industry that inspires me, so here’s to hoping for possibilities!

Here is some art I’ve been working on in the mean time 🙂 Wish me luck everyone!

New Art Dump

It’s been busy lately. Got into the swing of things with this whole new business thing, then promptly went into “gotta make a new portfolio” because Bungie has a bunch of art positions open, and boy, would I like one! So I’m going back to digital for a little bit, which will help me as an artist and be more well rounded. I just keep finding myself being a rut.

Anyways, here is an art dump for you lovelies 🙂

Everything Is Out Now!! Business is Open!

Hello everyone!

I’m glad to say that everything is open now!

This should explain it all! You can buy my work on Etsy! You can even become my Patron on Patreon! You can even watch all of my super high quality time lapses! This is so exciting!

Secondly, yes, this blog will be maintained now, I do apologize for my once a month shenanigans, but I assure you that it will change!

Thank you everyone for your support so far!

Business is hard…

Planning out this whole release day is rather daunting.

I have about 1000000 ideas that I’d like to do but not enough hours in the day, not enough money in the bank, and of course the worries that nothing will work is always there.

I’d love to be the bread winner for once. Take care of myself without worry. One day though, one day.

I’m trying to get better at jotting down my thoughts. What I want this website to be, and where it will go is still kind of up in the air, but we will see.